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Colon is also known as large intestine and it helps in the digestion of food. It also helps in extracting salt and water from body via rectum. Colon cleansing supplements are the supplements used to clean colon from toxins and to improve the activity of the colon for better lifestyle. Colon infection can also cause cancer in the colon. Colon cancer is a major concern globally and can lead to other disease as well. The colon cleansing supplements helps in treating the colon problem and recover the colon for proper functioning. The major colon infection results in internal bleeding and other inflammation conditions. Colon cleansing supplements helps in the detoxification of the colon and improve digestive systems. Colon cleansing are carried out in various form such as liquids, tablets, and others. Colon cleansing supplements are much more efficient than any other traditional ways of home care product for colon cleansing.

Furthermore, increasing prevalence of colon cancer, rising need for colon cleansing supplements, technological advancements in medical device industry is contributing significantly towards the market growth of colon cleansing supplements market.

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The market growth colon cleansing supplements is due to key driving factors such as rising prevalence of colon cancer, increasing number of research centers focused on colon cleansing supplements. For instance, in May 2017, Loyola University Health System introduced capsule called as PillCam Colon 2 that contains two miniaturized cameras at either end. The capsule travel through the digestive system and transmit images to the recorder. The capsule is likely to identify the growth of polyps.

Furthermore, global burden of colon cancer demands for an effective colon cleansing supplement.  According to American Cancer Society reported 97, 220 cases of colon cancer and it is also the most common cancer in US and rank as third in common cancer diagnosis. Increasing number of colon cancer cases are attributing towards the market growth of colon cleansing supplements.


By Product Type:

  • Herbal Colon Cleanse
  • Oxygen Colon Cleanse
  • Laxatives
  • Fiber Supplements
  • Others

By Distribution Channel:

  • Hospitals Pharmacies
  • Retail Pharmacies
  • Others

By Region:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Latin America
  • Middle East & Africa


North America is projected to gain dominance in the colon cleansing supplements market. The market growth in this region can be attributed to well established healthcare infrastructure, rising need to clean colon due to increasing prevalence of colon cancer. For instance, approximately 147,950 adults in the US was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2018. Moreover, various herbal and synthesis supplements are also available in the market with various probiotics. However, lack of awareness about the colon cleansing supplement products and improper diagnosis lead to the hindrances for market growth of colon cleansing supplements. 

Asia Pacific is anticipated to exhibit the fastest growth in the coming years due to increasing number of patients suffering from colorectal cancer (CRC), new product innovation by companies in this region, favorable government initiatives to create awareness among population about these supplements is driving the market growth of colon cleansing supplements. CRC is a significant public health burden, and it is increasingly affecting populations in Asian countries. According to the published article in Pubmed in 2019, According to the WHO GLOBOCAN database, there were approximately 1,849,518 estimated new CRC cases and 880,792 deaths reported in 2018. Approximately 70% CRC cases are affected by environmental factors including physical activity, dietary habits, smoking and alcohol consumption. Therefore, the rising number of these cases demands for an effective supplement which can help clean colon. In addition, rapid improvement in healthcare infrastructure and rising pool pf patient population suffering from colon disease is projected to propel the market growth in the near future.


  • Vita Balance
  • Boli LLC
  • Dr. Tobias Colon
  • Nature’s Secret
  • BaeTea
  • Sebela Pharmaceuticals
  • Salix


In January 2021, Sebela Pharmaceuticals introduced SUTAB (magnesium sulfate, sodium sulfate, and potassium chloride) tablets. The tablet was reported to be the first tablet colonoscopy preparation to receive the US FDA approval.

In September 2018, Salix Pharmaceuticals subsidiary of Bausch Health Companies Inc. ("Bausch Health") partner Norgine B.V. introduced PLENVU (polyethylene glycol 3350, sodium ascorbate, sodium sulfate, sodium chloride, ascorbic acid, and potassium chloride for oral solution). PLENVU is the US FDA-approved bowel cleanser to offer a same-day morning-of-colonoscopy dose. Such introduction of products by the market players are fueling the market growth of colon cleansing supplements market.

In November 2019, Mimi's Rock Corporation launched its product Dr. Tobias line of dietary supplements in Canada. The supplements are now available both via the drtobias.com e-commerce platform and on Amazon.ca.  These will be followed by a cadence of additional products in the weeks and months ahead.  Initially, Dr Tobias will be launched the brand's top-rated Omega 3 Fish Oil, known to support cardiovascular health, cognitive health and brain function, and its Multivitamin, a product which promotes eye membrane, skin, and immune function and boost strong bones and teeth. The brand featu

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