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Few structures including the basement of a building or the outermost layer of a tunnel among others are severely exposed to intense fluctuations in moisture levels and temperatures at almost all times which massively degenerates their original quality.

Waterproofing involves the process of making an object or structure waterproof or water-resistant for it to stay unaffected by water and for resisting the intrusion of water under any specified or all circumstances.

Waterproofing Systems Market - Fast. MR

These systems are thin layers of waterproof rubbers, plastics, coated fabric materials that are used on roofs, walls, foundation buildings, and basements with functions to prevent water infiltration, impart tear resistance, and provide flexibility & strength. They protect structures against water infiltration which can cause expensive and irreversible damages.

The common material components used in all waterproofing applications include structural substrate, flashing, membrane and insulation.

The global waterproofing systems market is poised to witness growth at a monumentally rising CAGR in the upcoming years.


The growth of this market is attributed towards major pertaining factors including; the growing demand for waterproofing systems in industries all across the globe, the increasing demand for cost-effective, environment friendly and efficient materials and systems, the rising construction industry in emerging countries, the growing requirements for water management in emerging economies, rapid industrial development worldwide and the rising government investments in infrastructural development and improving water management activities etc.

Additionally, low grade and foundation areas of buildings always require some sort of waterproofing. Because these projects are typically done only once in a building’s lifetime, proper care is given to ensure proper selection of material for the right environment, soil conditions, and the design of the structure itself. As such, new construction of commercial buildings and their maintenance boost the growth of the waterproofing systems market substantially.

Moreover, with the increase in awareness of wastewater management across, several industries are shifting their preference from synthetic to bio-based waterproofing systems which are cost-effective; require low maintenance and are the best reasonable replacement to the conventional technology. This increase in awareness and shift is massively fueling the growth of the overall waterproofing systems market.

However, factors such as fluctuation in raw material prices, potential health and environmental issues pertaining to certain waterproofing systems restrain the growth of this market.

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Most importantly, as of now, due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, the residential and commercial construction sector have shut-down operations and business. However, the demand for construction activities has significantly increased in the healthcare sector due to the pandemic. This has provided some stability to the construction sector and thus revived and stabilized the waterproofing systems market globally.


By Type:

  • Waterproofing Membranes
  • Waterproofing Chemicals
  • Integral systems
  • Others

By Application:

  • Building Structures
  • Roofing & walls
  • Roadways
  • Waste & Water management
  • Others

By Region:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Latin America
  • Middle East & Africa


The Asia Pacific region is the largest and the fastest-growing regional market for waterproofing systems followed by North America. The region is also projected to grow at a robust growth rate and is to maintain its position in the upcoming years owing to factors such the rapidly growing construction industry in the region, the increasing populace In India and China, increasing industrialization, increased consumer spending, proliferating economic growth and advancements in the waterproofing framework along with other relevant factors. The major contributors in the region include India, China, and Japan among others.


  • Henry Company
  • Gulf Membrane and Coating Industries
  • GAF Materials Corporation
  • ElmichPte Ltd.
  • Pidilite Industries Ltd.
  • Saint Gobain Weber S.A.
  • Alchimica Building Chemicals
  • Henkel Polybit Industries Ltd.
  • Sika AG
  • Johns Manville
  • Dow Chemical Company
  • Wacker Chemie A.G
  • Fosroc
  • Tremco (RPM International)
  • Firestone Building Products Company LLC.
  • IKO
  • Chryso S.A.S.
  • Bostik
  • Mapei S.P.A
  • Carlisle Construction Company
  • GCP Applied Technologies
  • Flag Spa Soprema Group
  • Kemper System
  • IWL India Limited
  • Siplast
  • STP Limited
  • Other Players


  • In June 2020, Sika acquired Modern Waterproofing Group, a leading manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing systems in Egypt. The acquisition supplemented and rounded off the product portfolio of Sika Egypt and offered new opportunities for growth in the Egyptian construction market. The acquired business was said to generate annual sales of CHF 26 million.
  • In December 2020, Polyglass U.S.A. Inc., a leading manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing systems, recently conducted a series of time-trials comparing the installation times for various configurations of their products. The time-trial videos demonstrate that by using a full or hybrid self-adhered system, contractors can save time and money on the labor costs of installation. Self-adhered technology is not only a safer and cleaner installation but there are significant benefits for contractors and their team.

Timeline Considered for Analysis:
- 2019: Base Year
- 2020 to 2025: Forecast Period

Research Scope and Deliverables
Overview & Executive Summary
Market Drivers, Trends, Challenges and Opportunities
Market Size and Forecast Projections
Macroeconomic Indicators of Various Countries Impacting the Growth of the Market
Extensive Coverage of Industry Players including Recent Product Launches and Market Activities
Porter’s Five Force Analysis

Market Segmentation Analysis:
Industry report analyzes the global waterproofing systems market by the following segments:

  • Type
  • Application

Customization: We also offers customization’s in the industry report as per the company’s specific needs.

Key Questions Answered in the Global Waterproofing Systems Industry Report

  • What is the overall market size in 2019? What will be the market growth during the forecast period i.e. 2020-2025?
  • Which region would have high demand for product in the upcoming years?
  • What are the factors driving the growth of the market?
  • Which sub-market will make the most significant contribution to the market?
  • What are the market opportunities for existing and entry-level players?
  • What are various long-term and short-term strategies adopted by the market players?

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