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Key Insights

Steady Production Rate of Sugarcane is Projected to Drive Market Growth

The production of sugarcane in India holds historical significance owing to the mention of the crop in vedic scriptures. India is widely considered as the home of sugarcane as the country is among the largest producers of the crop in the world. The production rate of sugarcane is the key driver for the growth of India sugarcane harvester market.

The sugarcane production in India has observed steady growth from 2016 to 2019. The country produced nearly 306 million tons in 2016 which increased to approximately 400 tons in 2018. In India,  state of Maharashtra, U.P., and Karnataka remain the key hubs for cultivation of sugarcane as of 2018. The state of U.P. was responsible for producing nearly 50% of the total sugarcane cultivation. Thus, healthy production volume of sugarcane is likely to positively influence the market growth for harvesting equipment over the near future.

India Sugarcane Harvester Market

Increased Focus to Produce Ethanol via Sugarcane is Projected to Steer Market Growth

The government of India is intensively focusing towards securing its energy needs via enhanced ethanol production. The government is blending ethanol with petrol in order to minimize it's import reliance. The government decision to step up ethanol production is likely to push the cultivation of sugarcane in the country. This trend is likely to indirectly influence the product demand over the coming years.

 The government Is currently blending 7% to 8% of ethanol in petrol and believes to reach 10% mark very soon. The governments ultimate goal is to reach the efficiency level of 20% which would assists in limiting the import dependence of the country. The effort by the government of the country to promote development of alternative techniques is likely to push the production rate of sugarcane which in-turn is anticipated to aid the market growth of harvesting equipment.

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Type Outlook

On the basis of type, market is segmented into whole stalk harvester and chopper harvester. Within this category, chopper harvester segment is likely to witness highest compounded annual growth rate over the forecast period. This machine offers numerous functions such as bundling, dressing & sizing, carrying,  loading, and many more. Owing to the multifunctional benefits of the machinery, the segment is likely to dominate the market share in 2019.

The whole stalk sugarcane harvester segment is likely to observe steady growth over the forecast period . The usage of the product wherein crops are vertically erected is likely to push the segment growth over the coming years.

Swath Width Outlook

On the basis of swath width, market is bifurcated into single row and multiple row systems. Among this category, single row harvester equipment is likely to witness highest compounded annual growth rates owing to its easy maintenance and superior cost advantage. In addition, ease in availability of spare parts acts as a key point in promoting it's growth across India sugarcane industry.

Multiple row system segment is projected to witness steady growth owing to the advantage provided by the machinery in terms of efficiency and productivity. The product is ideal for large farm areas with allocated spacing, however, in small farm areas, it fails to offer same productivity as the latter one.

Product  Outlook

On the basis of product, market is segmented into self-propelled and tractor mount. Within this category, self-propelled segment is projected to observe highest compounded annual growth rate over the forecast period. This machinery offers efficiency coupled with higher productivity in adverse climatic conditions.

Tractor mounted harvesters are likeky to observe stable growth with inception of technologically enhanced features such as optimized fuel usage and greater comfort. The segment is still at developing stage in India and is projected to progress steadily over the forecast period.

Competitive Landscape

The key vendors of the industry are Deere & Company, Team Commotrade Private Limited, Tirth Agro Technology Private Limited, New Holland Fiat Pvt. Ltd. CNH Industrial Pvt. Ltd., and Case Inc.

The industry participants are focusing towards expansion of distribution network to reach out to customers in rural part of India. At the same time, participants are putting efforts to develop product as per the need of domestic farmers or cultivators.


The sugarcane harvester is an equipment used during the harvesting of sugarcane in mechanized manner.

India Sugarcane Harvester Market Segmentation

By Type

 -Chopper Harvester

 -Whole Stalk Harvester

By Swath Width

       -Single Row System

       -Multiple Row System

By Product


       -Tractor Mounted

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