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Key Insights

Outbreak of Global Pandemic Favouring Industry Growth

Revelation of coronavirus came into effect in January 2020, since then the world has witnessed more than 2 million infected cases with death toll reaching nearly 196 thousand. Amid all this, manufacturing sector has been severely impacted as most of the countries around the globe imposing lockdown and shutdown. Many global expert believes that post this pandemic situation, manufacturing sector is likely to observe substantial change in terms of processing and working. This change is projected to promote the use of cleanroom consumables such as gloves, apparels, disinfectants, and others.

Main purpose of the consumables is to restrict or limit contamination of any kind. As the world fights its way through this global pandemic, it is widely believed that the aforementioned product category is likely to observe substantial demand. The norm of social distancing is likely to continue thereby promoting usage of gloves,  disinfectants, and other cleanroom consumables.

Pharmaceutical Industry a Key Propeller

Pharmaceutical industry is one of the prominent end-use industries for the cleanroom consumables market. Pharmaceutical sector is projected to grow at swift rate owing to the efforts to develop vaccination for coronavirus. The industry is projected to observe huge inflow in terms of testing and thus is likely to promote the usage of consumables to avoid contamination.

Another key factor propelling the growth of global pharma sector is due to the panic caused by the outbreak of coronavirus. As per the stats releases by the pharmaceutical federation,  sales of pharmaceutical drugs have jumped by nearly 9% in the first quarter of 2020. The swift growth in sales of pharmaceutical drugs is likely positively influence the market demand for cleanroom consumables.

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Product Outlook

On the basis of product,  market is bifurcated into gloves, wipes,  apparels, disinfectants,and cleaning products. Amid this global pandemic situation, gloves and apparels segment is projected to observe climbing demand as drug sales have jumped drastically. This has boosted the pharmaceutical manufacturing around the globe. For instance, hydroxychloroquine which is been considered as a primary drug to treat corona has observed all time high demand over the last few months.

India which is one of the primary producer of the aforementioned drug has reported an export revenue of nearly USD 5.5 billion. Indian manufactures of hydroxychloroquine including Zydus Cadila and Ipca labs are expanding their production capacities to meet the growing demand for the drug. Zydus Cadila has announced to ramp up its current production capacity from 3 metric tons per month to 30 metric tons. Thus,  continuous climb in production of pharmaceutical drugs is likely to positively influence the demand for cleanroom consumables over the coming years.

Disinfectants segment is also projected to observe sturdy demand owing to the rising demand from manufacturing sector. To limit contamination and promote safe methods, disinfectants segment is projected to play a major role over the coming years.

End-Use Outlook

On the basis of end-use, market is segmented into medical device, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, semiconductors, solar panels, and hospitals & diagnostic centers. Among this, pharmaceutical segment is projected to observe highest growth. Amid the global pandemic situation, pharmaceutical drug sales has observed swift growth in terms of sales volume and revenue. Thus, growing pharma industry is a key driver for the growth cleanroom consumables industry.

As the testing of coronavirus ramps up around the globe, hospital & diagnostic centers is projected to witness staggering demand over the short term period. The testing procedures is likely to fuel the demand for gloves and apparels as these products offer protection against contaminants or pathogens. Testing around the globe is considered as the only feasible solution to stop the spread of virus to greater level. Therefore, proving a huge benefactor for the growth of cleanroom consumables market.

Competitive Landscape

The key vendors of the industry are Clean Air Products, Ansell, KM, Berkshire Corporation, KCWW, Cantel Medical, Texwipe, Microclean, DuPont, Contec Inc., Valuetek, and Thermo Fischer Scientific Inc.

The vendors of the industry are focusing on the development of end-use specific products to expand their market presence. For instance, in 2019, Tychem gloves launched by DuPont specifically for chemical exposure safety. During the same timeline,  Contec Inc. launched a specific product for cleaning and disinfectants for critical work conditions.


Cleanroom consumables are defined as a specific group of products which are used to limit or restrict contamination in workplace environment.

Global Cleanroom Consumables Market Segmentation

By Product

 - Wipes

-  Gloves

  - Apparels

-  Disinfectants

   - Cleaning Products

By Ens-Use

     -    Medical Devices

      -   Hospital & Diagnostic Centers

      -   Semiconductors

      -   Solar Panels

      -   Pharmaceutical

       -  Biotechnology

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