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Industry Insights

The natural food colors market is anticipated to flourish at a CAGR of 8.2% over the forecast period i.e. 2020-2025. Further, the market for natural food colors was valued at USD 1,641.5 Million in 2019. Natural food colors refer to food colors which originate from natural sources such as vegetables, fruits, plants and others.

Growth Drivers – Natural Food Colors Market

Growing Demand for Natural Colors

Increasing consumer awareness regarding health hazards associated with synthetic colors is anticipated to foster the growth of global natural food colors market in the years ahead. Owing to risk associated with synthetic colors, such as allergic disorders and other life threating diseases, people are preferring food items with natural food ingredients. Moreover, natural food colors are gaining traction in the market as they are viewed by consumers as “safe to use” products. Such factors are anticipated to drive the growth of market in the years ahead.

Stringent Government Regulations

Stringent regulations implemented by government agencies and authorities on the manufacturing of synthetic food colours is also believed to positively implement the growth of market. In various European countries, government has banned trading of synthetic colors which has also led to restricted manufacturing of artificial colors. This factor has further propel the growth of market. In addition to this, many food & beverage companies are adopting natural food colors which is believed to swell the demand for natural food colors in upcoming years. Growing preference for naturally derived food among population is also likely to pave way for the growth of the market.

Natural Foods Colors Market

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Barriers – Natural Food Colors Market

High Production Cost of Natural Food Colors

Factors such as lack of awareness, slow adoption of natural colors in developing nations, high extraction cost, and high manufacturing cost are hindering the growth of global market. Moreover, instability of natural food colors is also acting as a barrier for market.

Segmentation Analysis

The natural food colors market by product type is segmented into carmine, anthocyanins, caramel, annatto, carotenoids, chlorophyll, spirulina and others. The market for carotenoids captured significant percentage in 2019. Moreover, it is anticipated to continue its dominance during the forecast period. Furthermore, growing application of natural food colors in new product development is anticipated to foster the growth of natural food colors market. Further, global natural food colors market is also segmented by form into gel, liquid, and powder. Powder segment accounted for significant portion of the market.

Geographical Analysis

Geographically, the report offers analysis of North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East & Africa. In Natural Food Colors market, Asia Pacific is showcasing signs of lucrative growth in global natural food colors market. Rising number of health-conscious population is expected to intensify the growth of Asia Pacific natural food colors market. Moreover, Asia Pacific market is likely to significant growth over the forecast period. Countries such as China and Japan are believed to contribute significantly to the growth of market in the years ahead.

Competitive Landscape

The report profiles various major market players such as

- ITC Colors

- GNT International

- Chr. Hansen

- Kalsec

- Naturex


- Sensient Flavors

- Dohler Group

- Other Major & Niche Players

Competitive landscape analysis provides detailed strategic analysis of the company’s business and performance such as financial information, revenue breakup by segment and by geography, SWOT Analysis, key facts, company overview, business strategy, key product offerings, marketing and distribution strategies, new product development, recent news (acquisition, expansion, technology development, research & development and other market activities).

The study also provides company’s positioning and market share in Natural Food Colors market.

Timeline Considered for Analysis:

- 2019: Base Year

- 2020 to 2025: Forecast Period

Research Scope and Deliverables

-Overview & Executive Summary

-Market Drivers, Trends, Challenges and Opportunities

-Market Size and Forecast Projections

-Macroeconomic Indicators of Various Countries Impacting the Growth of the Market

-Extensive Coverage of Industry Players including Recent Product Launches and Market Activities

- Porter’s Five Force Analysis

Market Segmentation Analysis:

Industry report analyzes the global Natural Food Colors market by the following segments:

- Product Type

- Form

- Application

Customization: We also offers customization’s in the industry report as per the company’s specific needs.

Key Questions Answered in the Global Natural Food Colors Industry Report

  • - What is the overall market size in 2019? What will be the market growth during the forecast period i.e. 2020-2025?
  • - Which region would have high demand for product in the upcoming years?
  • - What are the factors driving the growth of the market?
  • - Which sub-market will make the most significant contribution to the market?
  • -What are the market opportunities for existing and entry-level players?
  • - What are various long-term and short-term strategies adopted by the market players?

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