Here’s Why Edible Glitter Is An Ideal Baker’s Holiday Gift

Just hearing the word ‘holiday’ brings a smile to our faces. This special time, out of our monotonous busy lifestyle, helps us remember the value of sharing and spending time with family and friends. It’s a great opportunity to take a breather, have fun times with our family, and recharge our batteries!

Some of us spend holidays engrossed in our favorite hobbies while others try to learn new skills like embroidering, music production, photography, baking, etc.

One of the most awaited parts of the holidays is exchanging gifts! It doesn’t matter whether we are seven or seventy, we all love gifts. But choosing the right gift for others is a whole different story. While choosing gifts for our loved ones, we often tend to look for something that could convey what they mean to us. Hence, a gift should always be something thoughtful and considerate that conveys our feelings and sincerity.

Dear readers, if you have a baker friend who is creative, imaginative, experimental, and loves to add a hint of sparkle to everything, we have got you covered. Shimmery, charming, colorful, and tempting, edible glitters can be a great gift to your friends and family who are bakers or are learning baking as a hobby.

Keep reading to know more about different edible decorations and why they are an ideal holiday gift for bakers.

Magic Mixes

Magic Mixes

This glitter addition to your cupcake will make your cupcakes, cookies, and biscuits look ten times more tempting. Since they are water-soluble, they are easily digestible. So, you don’t have to worry about the little ones munching on yummy cupcakes sprinkled with magic mixes. Unlike other edible cake decorations, magic mixes do not get stuck on your teeth while eating.

Available in multiple color choices, our magic mixes are made up of premium ingredients and natural colors and are GMO-free with 100% vegan certification.

So what are you waiting for? Crown your cupcakes with sparkly toppings and make your creativity come to life with colorful Magic Mixes!

Magic Sparkles

Magic Sparkles

In simple words, Magic Sparkles are glittery snowflakes available in a celebrated assortment of color options, especially handmade to beautify baked goods. Homemade baked delights deserve to look both appealing and appetizing at their best and adding a little sparkle goes a long way. Sparkly sweets along with excellent culinary skills, can this get any better?

Decorate your pastries and cakes with best-in-class edible cake glitter and Magic Sparkles, and make them look out-of-this-world!

Lustrous Paint

Lustrous Paint

This awesome ensemble of cake decorations is incomplete without edible lustrous paint. Lustrous paint is perfect for intricate decorative cake work. One may use flavoring components along with lustrous paint for highlighting and painting on the frosting.
Take a small cup, pour some lustrous paint into it, and then add some edible glitter of your favorite color. Add some flavoring components, mix everything, and paint a coat over a fresh cupcake using a cake decorating brush! There you have it, a sparkly cupcake in minutes.

Blending luster dust and lustrous paint is also a killer combo for painting deep-colored hues on cake icing made of fondant. Here’s a tip for making attractive toppings with luster dust of contrasting colors. The contrast color rule works better on fondants and marshmallow toppings. In simple words, it is advisable to paint silver over a deep-colored icing rather than going for a darker hue.

Magic Twinkles

Magic Twinkles

Make your baked delights look scrumptious and savory with crystal-like colorful glittery toppings. Magic Twinkles is 100% edible, vegan-certified, natural-colored edible glitter that will jazz up your cake decoration.

It is quite easy to use too. Just scatter some onto your cake topping and you will have a dazzling cake within seconds with a completely new look. Choose from a vast assortment of color choices and make every baking experience memorable with Magic Twinkles. Being halal-friendly, SALSA Certified, and Kosher Certified, your baked delights will look as good as the branded delights available at the supermarket.

Luster Dust

Luster Dust

Gifting luster dust along with awesome edible glitters would just be a cherry on top! As the name suggests, this edible dust has an eye-catching luster, made to make your baked goods even more sparkly, bright, and breath-taking. Luster dust is often tasteless and thus it will never influence the taste of your baked delights. Since luster dust is much finer and stickier than cake glitter, it could be easily applied on both moist and dry surfaces.

Why Edible Glitter is the Perfect Gift For Bakers?

  • Your baker friends can enhance their creativity and imagination by bedazzling their homemade delights with edible glitter.
  • The edible glitter is also safe for the little ones who are trying their hands at baking. The sparkly results will help a ton to make them more interested in baking.
  • Edible glitter is not just confined to cake and cookie decorations. It can also be used for making cocktails, champagne, beer, and other drinks more sparkly and colorful!
  • Cupcake glitter can be used for making shiny desserts like twinkling doughnuts, shimmery macaroons, and sparkling popsicles. You may also use edible glitter to make the kids have a healthy diet by adding them to smoothies, milk, and fruit shakes. Useful indeed, right?
  • Sparkle up your beloved snacks like a pro with cake glitter. Drizzle some luster paint mixed with cake glitter onto your popcorn, truffles, and cookie sandwiches.
  • Edible glitters have exceptional versatility. For instance, you may use golden cake glitter over a dark forest cake for a golden starry look. On the other hand, when blended with lustrous paint and painted over marshmallow toppings, the same glitter can appear as bright as the sunrays.

Head over to and assemble the best holiday gift by ordering all the above magical products, this holiday season.

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Jason Lee

Jason Lee

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