Get TruConnect Free Tablet 2022: Everything You Must Know About

TruConnect is among the most reliable TruConnect is one of the top Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) in America. It offers top-quality and current mobile phones, low-cost plans, and hotspots to its customers on T-Mobile’s network. In addition, TruConnect is one of the most trusted lifeline providers that offer free phones, unlimited text and talk, and free international calls on behalf of the federal government. If you’re unfamiliar with a lifeline, it’s an initiative of the government that allows people with low incomes in the US to keep connected at no cost or at a lower cost. The program can do this by participating providers such as TruConnect and others.

Does TruConnect Offer Free ACP Tablet?

As we’ve already mentioned, the emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) scheme is a short-term initiative by the FCC which offers discounts on broadband internet subscriptions for a month and certain devices.

A single discounted device and one discount on services are for each family with TruConnect’s free Tablet. Based on the state in which you have residency and the available options at the time you inquire, The specific EBB plans, gadgets and deals may differ.

TruConnect offers subscribers who have qualified the possibility if it becomes accessible to purchase the cheapest Android tablet that has LTE connectivity. It would qualify the Tablet to receive the EBB discounts of $100 or more.

How do I Qualify for TruConnect Free Tablet?

If you are applying for the TruConnect free Tablet, There is a section that asks that you prove you are eligible. So, first, confirm that you meet these requirements before submitting an application to apply for TruConnect the Tablet for free.

Ensure you earn a salary less than 200 percent or less than the Federal poverty guidelines. Because the guidelines differ between states, You should verify your state’s guidelines for federal poverty to be sure you’re on the right side.

Alternately, make sure you are enrolled and benefit from any federal assistance program. The programs include Medicaid, Supplemental nutritional assistance, SNAP, federal housing assistance, the low-income housing energy aid program, a veterans pension fund, and survivors’ pension, in addition to others.

If you prefer, you can participate in tribe-based assistance programs such as the bureau of Indian affairs general assistance, the food distribution program for Indian reservations, and a tribally managed temporary aid for needy families.

Additionally, you may be eligible for the program if you have received a federal Pell grant in the year of your current award.

You also qualify to be eligible to receive free or reduced-cost school lunch programs or the breakfast program at school. It is done through a USDA community eligibility program in the 2021-2022 or 2020-2021 and the academic years 2019-2020.

Make sure you are eligible to participate in any other available low-income program.

Other Benefits You get if You Qualify for TruConnect ACP?

As mentioned previously as previously mentioned, as previously mentioned, the TruConnect ACP program offers eligible users the chance to purchase low-cost tablets that have an LTE connection. The program also offers additional benefits depending on available options and the state of residence.
The benefits are:

ACP plan for free ACP Plan in California with 14GB of data, 4G/LTE, 8 GB of additional data for Lifeline customers and WiFi hotspots.

A no-cost ACP plan that is not available in California offers 12.5 4GB bandwidth, 8 GB data in 4GLTE on the lifeline plan, and WiFi hotspot capabilities.

8 GB of 4GLTE-enabled information, a wireless hotspot and a selection of LTE hotspots are included in TrueConnect.

Families with low incomes can study or work with TruConnect ACP.

Healthcare service procurement has been made easier and less expensive through Trueconnect ACP.

Procedure to Apply for the TruConnect Free Tablet

To apply to be eligible for TruConnect, the free Tablet, there’s a simple and clear step to follow. Before beginning the application process, it is important to keep your integrity in mind. Make sure you are filling in the correct details to avoid rejection of your application. It will protect you from having to deal with any illegal concerns. Below is the straightforward procedure for applying for the TruConnect Tablet for free.

TruConnect Free Tablet

Confirm the eligibility application process for TruConnect ACP tablets. Not meeting the eligibility requirements is a waste of time. The reason is that your application will be rejected immediately. Thus, before starting to apply, confirm that you satisfy at least one of the criteria listed above. Also, ensure you have all the eligibility documents you need to attach to the application form. If yes, you can proceed with the application.

Start TruConnect Free Tablet Application

The second step requires you to fill out the ACP application for a tablet that is free. To complete this step, making a print-friendly application for mail-in or submitting it online is easy. Make note that online applications are the most efficient and simple. Online application entails:

⦁ Through the Lifeline national verification website
⦁ In your browser, go to
⦁ At the bottom of the page, click on “apply now.”
⦁ You’ll be directed to the official website
⦁ Click “apply now” and fill out the application.
⦁ Complete your personal information, including the official name, address and birth date.
⦁ Check if you are eligible either independently or dependently.
⦁ Click “Next” and provide your email and password to establish an ACP account.
⦁ After that, attach all necessary documents for eligibility and complete your application.
⦁ Be approved to apply for ACP discounts.
⦁ Contact your chosen ACP provider. In our case, you can contact TruConnect, select the best plan, and get the tablet discount.

By TruConnect’s official website

⦁ To skip the lengthy procedure and avoid the long process, you may apply for a TruConnect Tablet that is free from TruConnect’s website.
⦁ Check out
⦁ Submit the application with your zip code and email address, then click “enroll now.”
⦁ Complete your personal information like address, name, phone number, and birth date and select “Next.”
⦁ If the system is able to recognize your state as a state that is eligible, then you are able to apply.
⦁ Then you have completed the form, you have attached ACP documents to prove eligibility and then fill out the form.
⦁ You will be notified of approval, and you will receive your ACP tablet.

What Are The TruConnect EBB Restrictions?

TruConnect EBB is a TruConnect EBB program that gives you savings on certain gadgets, as well as month-long broadband Internet access services; however, it does have some limitations. Limitations for TruConnect EBB comprise:

One month’s service discount and discounts on one gadget are only available to one eligible household.
If you or any member of your family are currently enjoying an EBB discount, None among the different EBB providers, like TruConnect, can offer an additional discount. However, you can have the option of moving your EBB benefits at any time to another EBB provider.

This EBB Program is only a temporary initiative. The provider will notify you that, and you will be able to keep the standard Lifeline plan for free Lifeline plan, if eligible and available until the time that the FCC announces the program’s end (which is anticipated to occur approximately six months after the outbreak is over).

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Only those who meet the requirements to be eligible for EBB are eligible for the discount, and later the Tablet for free. EBB eligibility is listed below.

What Type of Products TruConnect Offer for Free or Discounted Prices?

TruConnect, as part of its ACP program, provides discounts of up to $100 for tablets through any current TruConnect ACP services plan. If you earn an income that is less than 200% of the federal poverty guidelines or are enrolled in any other assistance program, you will have a chance to purchase an 8-inch Google play certified Tablet that has an LTE connection. It is also possible to acquire a different brand and model of Tablet currently available. For information about the different types of tablets offered by TruConnect, you can reach their customer support team at 800-430-0443 from Monday to Saturday.

Which Network Is Used By TruConnect?

TruConnect needs a typical service provider to operate as a virtual mobile system. To provide its customers with services, it uses the network of T-Mobile. It can provide exceptional network services because T-Mobile offers coverage across the nation,

Is it possible to replace or upgrade TruConnect Free tablet?

Yes. Calling TruConnect’s customer service number at (800) 443-0443 or walking to any of their retail locations are two simple methods to upgrade your TruConnect free device to a newer model. You can exchange your phone if it gets lost, damaged, or stolen, and you’ll have to be responsible for the cost.

Can I replace or upgrade TruConnect with the use of a free Phone and Tablet?

Yes. If you’d like to change your TruConnect free phone to a better-equipped device, you are able to upgrade by the customer support line at 1 (800) 443-0443 or go to the retail store of your choice. In case you’ve been damaged or lost, or the phone has been stolen from you, then you are able to repair it at your own cost.

Tips for Using TruConnect Free Tablet

A program sponsored by the government known as Lifeline offers low-income families low-cost internet access. TruConnect is a service provider of Lifeline’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

The Emergency Broadband Benefit was superseded by a new program called the ACP. The FCC-run scheme offers reduced broadband internet monthly services and connected devices such as laptops and the TruConnect Tablet for free and desktop computers to those eligible.

It is worth noting that TruConnect is not able to offer no-cost ACP tablets. TruConnect often sells tablets at a low cost for households with lower incomes. The no-cost TruConnect tablets are typically provided to low-income people eligible for a co-payment between $10 to $50.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time it will take to receive TruConnect’s free Tablet and EBB benefits?

It is easy to sign up for TruConnect’s EBB program if you have the EBB registration has already been accepted. In contrast, based on various variables, the process of applying through TruConnect can take between 3-to-8 days.

Does TruConnect Lifeline Provide Free Phones?

Clients who qualify for Lifeline can receive an unlocked smartphone for free. The model, the details about the brand, and other aspects, however, are determined by the state you live in and the availability at the time of application.

Can TruConnect Free phones or Tablets be substituted?

Yes. You may be qualified for a replacement device if you experience any technical issues with the device that are not due to the use of it and when the warranty still covers it. In contrast, the customer is responsible for the replacement gadget in the event that you damaged it or was stolen or lost. Was stolen.


Benefits from Truconnect’s wide range of devices will provide you with all the necessary reasons to have an effective day in the digital realm. Tablets are smaller and easy to carry around. They are also quite affordable.

In addition to receiving tablets, you also can get phones too, that is more mobile. This means you could get two benefits from one program. Furthermore, the tablets that are provided to you are quick and up-to-date too. You’ll get the best from the program, and when you get something for absolutely free, it’s tough to refuse.

The great thing about tablet devices is that you can access it at any time and run a variety of apps in a short time which will provide you with the performance you require. If you are thinking they’re too costly and require financial help, then you must definitely sign up for Truconnect’s programs to receive internet and free devices! Hope you will get a brief description after reading this article.

Jason Lee

Jason Lee

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