8 Ways to Invest in Yourself That Are Worth the Cost

I am all about saving money and being frugal, but there are some areas where I think it is worth it to spend a little extra. These areas will make you mentally healthier, more productive, or more focused. If you can improve in any of these areas, it will also benefit all other areas of your life. So if you want to reduce spending, maybe don’t focus on the next four areas because they are 8 ways to invest in yourself and are worth the cost.

1. Relationship Therapy

Many of us have unresolved traumas or childhood habits that can become unhealthy if we don’t address them. I believe that it’s crucial, especially when you’re in a relationship, to get therapy together to ensure that small problems don’t turn into something much larger that could potentially ruin your marriage or relationship. Relationship counselling is a great way to invest in your relationship, have support while working through challenging problems, and show your partner how much you value them.

2. Expert Legal Advice

Don’t try to go it alone regarding legal issues in the workplace – it’s not worth the risk! It’s always best to seek professional, high-quality legal advice when you’re looking to restructure your company, bring on new employees or partners, or tidy up your employment contracts. A Goulart Workplace Lawyers will be able to guide you through these processes quickly and confidently, ensuring that you’re always compliant with your legal obligations.

3. Coaching

If you’re not currently working with a coach in any area of your life, you may be missing out on vital support and motivation that could help you reach new heights of success. You can work with a general life coach to assist with time management, goal setting, and accountability. Or, if you prefer, you can find a business coach who will help you with strategic planning, business growth, and even some insider tips for your industry. If you’re considering joining a startup incubator, check out VC funding options as well.

4. Your Diet

Eat better quality food, even if it means spending more on groceries. In the long run, it’s worth it to focus on organic produce, free-range eggs, and meat and poultry from healthy chickens. The difference in quality will be noticeable, and you may eat less meat overall because it will be more filling and satisfying. Eating a healthy diet is key to feeling energetic and productive. When you fill your plate with a rainbow of fresh fruits and vegetables, you’ll get the nutrients your body needs to function at its best. Click to know about for health hacks.

5. Find a mentor

We could all use someone to talk to about our finances―especially a financial mentor. This year, make it a goal to find a mentor who can help you navigate your money and get closer to your financial goals. We recommend starting here at Money Mentors. Our accredited counsellors offer free, unbiased credit counselling and money coaching to Albertans, helping them see their financial worth and all they are capable of.

6. Practice gratitude

Being grateful isn’t just for Thanksgiving – practised regularly, gratitude can help you to gain perspective, feel more comfortable and be thankful for the good parts of your life, even when things might not be going so well in other areas. It can be easy to focus on negative things when trying to make financial or other changes in our lives, but taking the time each week to focus on at least one person or thing you’re grateful for can make a big difference in how you see things and help to keep you motivated.

7. Make a budget

If you’re reading this blog post, it’s likely because you’re interested in personal finance and want to learn more about managing your money. Here at our website, we are big advocates for creating and following a budget because we believe it’s one of the most effective ways to stay on top of your finances. If you haven’t made a budget yet, there’s no time like the present! Creating a budget will help you better understand your spending patterns and where you can cut back if necessary.invest

Tracking your finances is key to developing a budget to help you reach your financial goals. Luckily, we have a lot of great resources to help you get started, like our budgeting workbook and spending plan or our free online course, “Budget Boot Camp.”

8. Set boundaries

Did 2021 feel like it constantly demanded more from you than you could? If you find it difficult to set boundaries and say no to others or even yourself, then it’s time to take a good hard look at why that is. In your journal, write down everything you wish you could have said no to last year and analyze why you didn’t. Once you have that list, think about the emotions associated with each of those regrets. What held you back from saying no in the first place? Was it fear? Guilt? A sense of obligation? Once you understand what’s holding you back, you can start to work on making changes so that 2021 is a year where you put your needs first.

One way to avoid burnout is to practice saying no. If something doesn’t truly interest you or align with your values/goals, commit to declining it. It can be tough at first, feeling like you’re letting others down, but it’s worth it! This year, prioritize protecting your time, energy, and money by only saying yes and no to the people and things that make you happy. Setting boundaries will help you prevent burnout, too!

Investing in yourself is always a good idea because you know you’ll get something valuable in return. Whether you’re spending money on improving your health, relationships, skills, or mindset, you’ll see a significant difference in your life for the better.

Jason Lee

Jason Lee

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