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Automobiles Nikola CEO Mark Russell to resign toward the year’s end

The company said that Nikola Motor Company's CEO Mark Russell announced Wednesday that he plans to retire at the end of the year. The former General Motors executive will...

China’s Factory Inflation Has Hit a 17-Month Low, and Consumer Prices Have Picked Up

China's factory-gate inflation fell to a 17-month low in July, defying global cost pressures as domestic manufacturing weighed on demand for the raw material.

Most Electric Vehicles Will Not Meet All Requirements for Government Tax Reduction

The auto industry is warning that most EV procurement has not qualified for the tax credit. That is mainly due to the requirement of the bill. An electric vehicle...

Best application to propel your thing from a short video perspective?

The absolute best applications for this combine PickZon. With this program, you can take a picture, record a voiceover, and create a movie in about 30 seconds.

Essential Factors to Consider Before Hosting Your Podcast

A podcast is audio or video content made available throughout the internet. Hosting a podcast is an unexplored area, and we will explore it here.

Pro Tips for an Eco-Friendly Move with Movers

If you're planning a pass, you are probably thinking about how you could do it in a green way with or without the assistance of a professional Movers Brantford business enterprise.

App Development Using Machine Learning – Transforming App Industry

Talk about the future of app development! And, guess what? Machine Learning is the technology that strikes the head. Yes, many other technologies are continuously helping shape the app development world.

What is expected now on Senate Tax, Climate and Health Services Bill

The Senate passed the historic tax, climate, and healthcare bill by Democrats. With the House's approval and the law for the signature of President Joe Biden. After more than a year of stop-end-start negotiations, Democrats agreed on a narrow bill to invest in an energy initiative on Sunday.

Us, Australia, Including Six Countries Are Showing Interest in Tejas, the Govt. Says

According to Minister of State for Defense Subhash Bhamre, the United States and Australia are among the six countries interested in Tejas. India is also keen to co-produce the...

Elon Musk Challenged Twitter CEO for General Discussion on Bot Acitivity

On August 6, Elon Musk posted a tweet to challenge Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal on the issue of bots on Twitter. Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, posted a...

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Cloud Computing Market: Beginning of New Era in Tech

The widespread adoption of cloud computing in various industries has influenced governmental investment trends. Cloud Computing Market: Beginning of New Era

Controlled Environment Agriculture Market: An Innovation of Farming

Controlled environment agriculture (CEA), also known as indoor farming, is a practice of growing produce in a closed ecosystem. It reduces the threat of...

Big Data Analytics Market: Helps Businesses for New Product Launch

The adoption of big data analytics across businesses has increased significantly with rising awareness about its benefits. Businesses can gain significant value from the data sets captured by the organizations.

AI Market: New Future of The Digital Information Economy

Artificial Intelligence AI technology offers several tools and models that improve the capabilities of conventional analytics and decision-making.

Digital Transformation Market: Helps Businesses in the Competition & Growth

Digital transformation involves the integration of digitally advanced technologies in all business aspects. It changes all the traditional non-digital business processes and services into...