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TrendSights: Smart Living

Published by Datamonitor on Dec 21, 2012 - 78 pages
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Contemporary consumers generally adopt the mentality that science and technology are making their lives easier and more comfortable. In a bid to capitalize on this sentiment, a growing number of CPG brands are developing futuristic products and services, at the intersection of the digital and physical worlds, which serve to address consumer and societal problems associated with the here and now.

Report Scope
  • Pinpoint key marketing and innovation "platforms" that can be employed to identify new product and service opportunities.
  • Access a number of unique Datamonitor datasets to better understand how the exponential changes in technology are transforming consumer expectations.
  • Investigate why consumers are increasingly relying on technology to meet their consumption and lifestyle needs.
  • Understand how "smart" innovation opportunities differ based on consumers' unique approaches to accessing online content.
Report Highlights

Hyperconnectivity - whereby everything is connected - provides the backdrop to the "Smart Living" sub-trend. "Smart" can be defined by the so-called "Three I's": interconnected, intelligent, instrumented. CPG products and services delivering against any of these core dimensions can be deemed "smart"; those that integrate two or more are "smarter."

In 2011 smartphone penetration reached more than 40% in the US, UK, Spain, and Italy. In developing nations, ownership is forecast to show strong growth to 2016. This ever-increasing adoption of smartphones has (and will continue to) extend the degree of consumer connectedness globally, driving an expectation for "smarter" CPG solutions.

Keywords: trend, trendsights, trend sights, consumer, innovation, interconnected, intelligent, instrumented, hypersocial, hyperconnected, smart, smarter, smart living, broadband, mobile, smart phone, security, networked, foresight, time pressure, convenience, digital wallet, augmented reality, device, RFID tag, 3D TV, self-tracking, social shops.

Reasons to Get this Report
  • What are the key mega-trends, trends, and sub-trends that are shaping the consumer and innovation landscape? Where does "Smart Living" fit?
  • What is the "Smart Living" sub-trend? How does it impact consumers?
  • What will the sub-trend mean for core product and marketing innovation in the consumer product goods industry?
  • How can new and emerging technologies be optimally integrated into consumer and retail product propositions?

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