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Opportunities for Western Food and Drink Brands in China

Published by Datamonitor on Dec 18, 2012 - 77 pages
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Focusing on five key growth categories in China, this report considers how Western food and drink brands can take advantage of increasing consumer interest in products which are not traditionally part of the Chinese diet such as olive oil, cheese, chocolate, coffee, and wine by looking at key market drivers and case studies of products that have already been successful.

Report Scope
  • Understand what motivates different consumer groups in China to buy in to categories such as olive oil, chocolate, wine, coffee, and cheese.
  • Identify different marketing and distribution strategies for Western food and drink brands in China.
  • Gain insight into food and drink import regulations in China and assess how they can support your business strategy.
  • Analyze case studies of Western brands of olive oil, chocolate, wine, coffee, and cheese that have already been successful in China.
  • Assess the outlook for the key growth categories of olive oil, chocolate, wine, coffee, and cheese in the Chinese food and drink market.
Report Highlights

In China, imports such as olive oil, chocolate, wine, coffee, and cheese are mainly consumed by consumers who are fairly comfortably off, particularly middle class families, who value healthy and high quality food, and have a strong preference for well-known and exclusive brands. Imported food and drinks are seen as a symbol of wealth and status.

Although entry criteria to the Chinese food and drink market can be stringent for Western importers, many food, agricultural, and import policies in China are designed to protect the quality and integrity of products. In many cases this favors the establishment of Western brands as it helps safeguard the unique product qualities and attributes.

Choosing multiple but complementary strategies is crucial to increasing brand visibility and awareness among Chinese consumers, such as co-operation with Chinese distributors to target multiple sales channels, as well as through marketing programs.

Reasons to Get this Report
  • What are the key consumer drivers in China for food and drink products that are not part of the traditional Chinese diet?
  • Which are the key Western players in the Chinese food and drink market, and which Chinese businesses are they partnering with?
  • What challenges have Western food and drink brands already faced when entering China? What can my business learn from this?
  • How much are categories such as olive oil, chocolate, wine, coffee, and cheese growing in China?
  • What are the key things I need to know about Chinese government regulation regarding these categories?

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