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Timetric is an independent economic and business research firm providing critical intelligence on emerging economies and key global industries. They provide detailed economic and sector intelligence, business insights and authoritative, independent commentary.

Sustainability in the European Construction Industry 2012-2013: Market Trends and Opportunities, Forecast of Budgets and Profitability, Construction Industry Procurement and Marketing Initiatives

Published by Timetric on Nov 14, 2012 - 133 pages
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"Sustainability in the European Construction Industry 2012-2013: Market Trends and Opportunities, Forecast of Budgets and Profitability, Construction Industry Procurement and Marketing Initiatives" is a new report by Timetric that analyzes how companies in the European construction industry perceive sustainability. The report contains in-depth analysis on the principal drivers and challenges with regards to sustainability plus the market-specific growth opportunities associated with the implementation of sustainable practices. It also benchmarks successful sustainable initiatives and energy-efficiency measures adopted by various companies. This report also examines the impact of sustainability on profits and cost saving targets set by companies. It also analyzes the procurement strategies and practices being undertaken; category-level spending outlooks; changes in sustainable procurement budgets; supplier selection criteria and investment opportunities available for leading purchase decision makers. The report identifies key drivers and practices of green marketing, and the channels used to effectively market green credentials.

Key Highlights
  • Respondents identified the UK, Germany and France as locations likely to offer the largest-growth potential for sustainable construction, as indicated by 75%, 51% and 43% of respective respondents.
  • Of all the construction contractors and project developer respondents, 48% anticipate an increase in profitability with the implementation of sustainability measures.
  • 'Customer satisfaction' is considered to be the most important driver of green marketing by respondents from the construction equipment and supplier industry, as identified by 76% of respondents. Another 62% of respondents consider 'competitive advantage' to be important.

The report features the opinions of European construction industry respondents related to the following:
  • What sustainability means to the industry
  • Factors that drive sustainability measures
  • Barriers that confront effective implementation of sustainability
  • Sustainable and energy efficiency measures and their impact on profitability
  • Metrics used for the measurement of sustainability performance
  • Procurement of sustainable materials
  • Demand for sustainable products and services, including markets that will drive growth
  • Changes expected in sustainability budgets and cost saving targets
  • Methods of marketing green credentials and the use of media channels
Reasons to Purchase
  • Drive revenues by understanding future sustainable product investment areas and growth regions.
  • Formulate effective sales and marketing strategies by identifying buyer sustainability budgets and areas of investment.
  • Better promote your business by aligning capabilities and business practices with the changing sustainability needs of customers.
  • Uncover the business outlook, key sustainability challenges and opportunities.
  • Understand the effect of sustainability on other players and competitors in the industry.
  • Benchmark sustainable initiatives with key industry leaders and identify major trends that affect the industry.
  • Secure stronger customer relationships by understanding the leading business concerns and changing strategies of buyers.
  • Identify specific green marketing channels your competitors are using to win business.

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