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The European Tire Market 2011-2015

Published by Datamonitor on Apr 10, 2012 - 419 pages
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The economic downturn has been challenging for all European countries and this has been reflected in the tire market. As a result, the European tire market faces a number of challenges leading to 2015. For the countries with an established tire market, such as the leading five countries, the maturity of the market generally means that little dynamic change is expected to take place.

  • Achieve revenue growth by understanding the forecast sales performance of tires by country and adjusting business development plans accordingly.
  • Uncover new distribution opportunities for your products by identifying which types of retailers are most successful in each country and why.
  • Improve your product mix and hence revenues by gaining insight into what types of tire, winter or summer, are proving popular, by country and region.
  • Decide which developing technologies will enhance your forward strategy by understanding the hot topics of today's tire industry.
  • Develop new strategies to counteract the influx of budget tires into Europe by understanding where they are most popular and why.

New tire labeling legislation, due to be introduced in November 2012, will have a profound effect on the European tire market as it speaks to the core concerns of consumers: cost, quality, and safety.

The most pronounced opportunities for growth are in Eastern and Northern Europe where the recession did little to temper the development of the tire markets; in 2011 the tire market in the Ukraine grew by 12%. This upward trend is expected to continue for many of these countries.

Winter tire opportunities are present in many of the more established markets across Europe and present the chance for value growth in an environment that expects only modest growth overall. Many of the prime candidate countries for winter tire use are currently underexploited, such as the UK, where only 10% of sales are currently for winter tires.

  • What events will have the largest impact on the European tire industry by 2015 and why?
  • Which countries have the highest penetration by winter tires and how was this achieved?
  • Which countries are the most exposed to black market tires?
  • What are the consumer behaviors regarding retailer and tire brand selection, in the European tire market, by country?
  • What are the market shares of the key distribution channels for tires, by country?

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